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I have always been an artist. I fell in love with the power of art at an early age and photography in highschool. When it was time to take senior portraits, I photographed my own using a tripod, self-timer and my mom's Canon 35mm camera. I was instantly hooked. After a photoshop course in University I was convinced they had taught me everything they could and I packed my Volkswagen Jetta and moved to Los Angeles. Since then I've published books with Disney, toured the world as a photographer, documented a Beatle's Birthday Party, (Ringo Starr), photographed Michelle Obama and worked with Google, Spotify and many other awesome individuals and companies. 
My philosophy is "to help others helping others". I am grateful for every opportunity I have had to use my camera for good and I want to continue making a positive impact on the world through art. Creating content for those who are making a positive social impact in the world is my jam. If I can help you, help others, it's a win win. 


Behind every great man is a great woman, and Stacey is the rock in our family and the creative director behind Blackwell Studios. Stacey recently took on the lifelong passion to empower women and support families by becoming a Doula. While she is busy with her thriving business, she also steps in to provide creative direction on shoots, support ideas, and empower the men and women we work with. She also photographs births and is one helluva damn good photographer. 

Katie Taylor Taylor Casting Photo Credit


Family is our core value at Blackwell Studios. We believe in the power of community and that starts at home. A good network begins within and we work hard to enable a happy, mentally aware and conscious family life to enable us to provide the best creativity and productivity at work. When we're not working we are hiking, biking, painting, gardening, cooking healthy foods and playing.

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